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Dear Ambrosia Global LLC Team Member,

When we choose direct distribution as the sales model for our products and services, we decided on two things:

First, we resolved that our program would be easy to participate in and simple to understand.

Second, we committed to providing people with the tools and skill training they need to be successful.

Based on these two principles, we have developed a business opportunity that is lucrative, fair and rewards hard work.

Our focus is on building a company that is based on positive relationships and integrity. We believe that it is our responsibility to share our opportunity with everyone and provide an equal setting in which anyone can prosper.

Our collective future depends on each individual team member understanding that possibilities and opportunities exist everywhere.

As entrepreneurs, we have an obligation to realize our vision in an atmosphere of integrity – a shared tenet of all our team members. I would like to personally welcome you to Ambrosia Global LLC and encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity that we have to offer. We look forward to building a better future with you.


Carlos Blanco
Ambrosia Global LLC



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